Lava furniture in a Nordic Design

Lava furniture… Curious? Every piece of furniture in the [BLACK] series is made from lava.
The Latvian born award winning designer Raimonds Cirulis is the creator of the beautiful Nordic design furniture. He is the only one in the world to create furniture using volcanic basalt fibers extracted from lava. Every single piece of furniture is hand-made and unique.

The [BLACK] series

The furniture in the [BLACK] Series finds the perfect combination of material, aesthetic and functionality. Every furniture can be used inside and outside all year round and is maintenance free.

The material

Volcanic basalt fibers are extracted from lava. It is located in the Earth’s upper mantle until it is driven by volcanic forces to the surface of the Earth. 
As the stones are heated to 1400 degrees Celsius they become liquid and can be tamed. The hot mass is then converted into fibers for us to shape the furniture by hand.


[BLACK] Series can be purchased throughout the world. Locate the official dealer closest to you.


Explore the amazing designs from award winning designer Raimonds Cirulis. Hand-made furniture made of lava.

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